About Happy Sheep Honey

Sam the sheep lives in the West Coast region in the South Island of New Zealand. This wonderful, wild and pristine environment gives rise to the purest, most delicious wildflower honeys ever! Sam cannot be happier to be living in such a fantastic environment and hence has decided to call his honeys 'Happy Sheep Honey'. New Zealand is also famous for its large sheep population at an estimated 13 - 14 sheep per person in the whole country.

The West Coast of New Zealand's South Island is one of the most amazing areas of natural beauty left in the world, and within its boundaries lie:
  • 5 National Parks
  • World's Top 10 coastal drives (Lonely Planet)
  • UNESCO world heritage site – Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers

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    Strawberry & West Coast Honey

    Sam loves strawberries, so much so he decided to combine his favourite fruit with honey! With the addition of fragrant strawberry juice and Vitamin C* to pure and delicious West Coast honey, this flavourful mix is absolutely perfect diluted for a cold refreshing drink, as a spread on toast, for use in baking, or even to add interest to your daily cup of tea! How about drizzling some over your pancakes or waffles with ice-cream?

    *Contains 15mg of Vitamin C per 10g serve.